Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Using the Good Stuff

Do you have a closet or a cupboard that is filled with things that you only bring out on special occasions? 
 Like Christmas or a visit from a special person?
Do your kidnicks have toys that are placed on a shelf because they will be ruined?
I have found myself in that mold may times. 
 I remember vividly the night my Grandma Jean's green Fiesta Ware bowl got dropped.
And shattered.
It was filled with the remnants of a broccoli salad that we had served dear friends at a holiday dinner.
I was so mad at the time.
  I felt as though I had lost a part of her in that bowl.
What I have come to realize in the 17ish years since then is that I had not lost her. 
 I had instead gained a memory that would remain with me forever.
She wanted me to use that bowl.
 She wanted me to cherish her memory and the memory of dinners with friends.
  If I had left that bowl in a cupboard, it would be just that. 
A bowl in a cupboard.
So, I use things and I let my kiddos play with things.
I use the gorgeous hand woven towel that my Mom made for me. 
 I use the lotus bowl
 I chip things and then store the chip in the bowl to be repaired someday.

LPP received a doll many, many moons ago.
 Sissy was clean and shiny for a day.
Until she was loved by a little girl.
 She then became more than a doll. 
She was a friend. 
She was a confident and comforter.
She was loved to the point of hair loss and while she was not shiny on the outside any longer, she had the power to make a little girl shine...from the inside and that seems to me to be infinitely more important.
Sissy now resides in a box with her two constant companions, Puppy and Leo...
When this box was recently opened, the memories and love came flooding back to my daughter...and me. 
Mom recently sent me a blog post that sums these thoughts up much more eloquently than I.
Using the beautiful things with the people we cherish the most...our family... seems to be a good thing.

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Michelle said...

I had to learn this lesson myself. Use things and enjoy life!