Friday, July 10, 2015

Two Down, Many To Go

 This summer has been a mish mash of things. 
 Quick trips to the coast and Los Angeles
Rearranging bedrooms and sorting through stuff.
The thrift store has seen us a lot with clothes and toys that the kids have outgrown. 
I have several projects in the works and a couple of them are actually completed! 
When my father in law was alive, he was a fantastic cook.
He used a large paddle to make amazing beans. 
 Recently, my hubby made a huge batch for an FFA fundraiser. 
 He borrowed pots that his Dad had used as well as the paddle.
There is just something almost spiritual about using sentimental items in everyday tasks.
  After the fundraiser, I asked if we could store the paddle here for future use.
 I had an idea. 
 After taking said paddle to the hardware store to find the proper hardware we were off and running.  (Small local stores are THE best, don't you think? They didn't even bat an eye when I walking in carrying a giant oar looking thing to find the what I envisioned)
I had this slice of wood, stained it and used my Silhouette to create a stencil.
After some trial and error on sizing and spacing, SGF and I painted a Portuguese saying.
 It now hangs above our kitchen window and I adore it!

After sorting through the girls' room and making some temporary changes, LPP has a room to call her own...a month before she moves to college. 
Oh well...she loves the arrangement and the dresser.
 The pile next to the dresser is a constant reminder that in one month, she will be living in another city.
Thinking about it makes me sad.
And happy.
And excited for her.
Happy Friday!

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