Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spreading Some Kindness

We are very fortunate to have, currently and in the past, our kidnicks in a terrific K-8 school. 
 The atmosphere at this small, country school is that of caring, nurturing and learning.
  It has been the perfect fit for our family. 
 It has also been fun to have SPF learn from some of the same teachers her siblings had. 
When we moved them to this school, LPP was in second grade and had Mrs. Castle.
I was pregnant with SPF and concerned with our decision to switch schools. 
 I was confident that in the big picture, things would be better, but the little things worried my friends, fitting in, finding their place.
Mrs. Castle was a perfect fit and my worries disappear very quickly.
She became SPF's teacher as well.
  In third grade, LPP had a wonderful student teacher who would be hired the following year.
 That student teacher, Mrs. Rose became SPF's teacher. 
Another perfect fit. 
 LPP and I were both Mystery readers in her class that year.
When Mrs. Rose shared with her class that she and her husband would be having a baby, the class was overjoyed. 
The kidnicks truly shared in the joy of that news. 
 On the flip side, they shared in her sorrow the following fall when they learned that Mrs. Rose's baby was born sill.
Last week, would have been that baby boy's first birthday. 
 Mrs. Rose posted the following on Facebook
On July 24th Tucker would of been 1 year old.
As most of you know, Tucker had health issues and was born still.
To celebrate Tucker's 1st birthday, we are asking family and friends to perform an act of kindness (big or small) in honor of Tucker.
We would love to hear how you made someone's day while remembering our baby boy.
 Please share your stories and pass this post to ALL who would like to spread a little kindness!
Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers.
This past year has been full of joy and sorrow, but God has given us a sense of hope, comfort, and peace as we travel through life on Earth without Tucker.
Now go and spread some kindness!!!
Lots of Love, Gary and Lindsay
When I shared this post with our youngest, I asked her if she could think of anyone in particular to be kind to, she immediately said ."Ann".
Ann, you see,  is a wonderful friend of mine who recently lost her father.
My heart was filled with pride for my daughter. 
 She knew that she wanted to make a sun for Ann to brighten her day and knew just how she wanted to make it.
So she did.
We talked about what treat we could make to take to Ann and her Mama.
We settled on these cookies since they had been the ones I made for her class.
It seemed appropriate somehow.
I think these ladies agreed.
Tucker Rose was also my inspiration to spread a bit more kindness this week.
When my sister and I were growing up, our grandparents had an upstairs'  room with a wall lined from floor to ceiling with books.
Books on every subject under the sun. 
Last week, I unearthed several sets of children's books that they kept for us to enjoy on our visits.  My love for books is common knowledge and parting with them becomes an emotional task. 
Sharing books that hold a special place in my heart with family and friends brings me joy, though.
When I found a set of books filled with short stories, I knew I needed to share them.
  Mrs. Castle...remember the girls' 2nd grade teacher? 
Well, she has moved to a new school this year and I hoped she would appreciate and cherish them for her students.
 I was right. 
 I will be delivering these to her this evening.
Will you join us in spreading some kindness?

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