Friday, July 31, 2015


 I began what I thought to be a quick task this morning. 
 I needed to clean out my camera card and rather than make a file that reads, "photos to sort" and dumping them all there, I did it properly.
Not that I have any files that say "photos to sort"...they are mostly not even labeled THAT precisely! 
I had photos from last year at this time still on it! 
I moved photos to appropriate folders and made new ones if necessary. 
 It took longer than I had anticipated...much...but it was also a trip down memory lane.
These two men were fantastic role models for our girl. 
They will be two of the few who we will miss next year.
We actually had a teeny tiny bit of rain last year, although you would never know it now. 
 What better way to celebrate rain than to play in it!
Oh!!!! Now I remember what green grass looks like.
 Proof that I was a bit overwhelmed at the end of school last year. 
 Chris was asked to help carry a statue in the Tipton Festa.
 I heard "white shirt" and passed that info on to him.
What actually was said, was "black shirt". fault.
This dog is a pain.
Cute, but a pain.
We had some magnificent sunrises...
 ...and sunsets.
And I am a sucker for those.
LPP and I had a monumental task this summer and we finished yesterday.
Just noticed this pic is on its side. 
 Oh well.
Sorting through, dividing up and cleaning out this storage unit was a dirty and dusty job, it also was fun. 
Working together with my girl and sharing memories with her is something I will treasure. 
 Not the dust and dirt, though.
Sasha posted her second installment on an Organized Summer this week.
Check it out.
 Do you think like an organized person?

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