Monday, July 27, 2015

Learning AND Having Fun

Sugar Plum Fairy participated in an Equine Care and Riding Program this year conducted by her riding instructor. 
It began last November and ended last weekend with the final exam and awards.. 
There were 9 kidnicks in this inaugural season and I think it was a great success. 
There was listening, learning and note taking as well as on-horse training at each meeting.
All the work these kids put in came to fruition yesterday. 
There was a written exam, grooming and tacking test, followed by a  short riding pattern that tested each rider's knowledge and  ability to control and communicate with their horse properly.
My daughter fretted over the written test all week. 
 As we talked it through, we realized that this would be the first time she had ever had to take notes on her own. 
Apparently note taking is taught after 4th grade.
That had not occurred to me.
Anyway, I was prod of what she included in her notes.
Even if she struggled on the written portion, I wanted her to realize that everything she learned this year was good. 
 Everything that she  knows about horses is more that she began with.
While we don't know how the written portion turned out yet, she did well over all. 
Every student passed the program and is able to move on and up next year.
And they had fun doing so. 
 They chattered and laughed while waiting for the results. 
  And THAT is what all of their hard work and dedication is about. 
 Bettering themselves and having fun while doing so. 
  Fun times and great kids.

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