Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Have Drawer...Will Make Pretty and Functional

It has been quite some time since I share my lack or organization around the house.
I go through phases of frenzied organization...some examples are here, here and oh yes, here.
  When I read Lemonade Makin' Mama's post regarding her idea for a series entitled Organized Summer/Sanity Savers, I was skeptical.
I mean, really. 
 I am much too busy to take on another project. 
 At the moment, I can not even locate the top of my desk, let alone start something new to organize my home. 
Anyway, when I saw Sasha's first installment in which she talked about simply organizing a drawer in 10 minutes, I  threw up my hands and said, FINE...I can handle THAT.
 Choosing the first drawer to organized was easy.
The "pencil" drawer in the kitchen had grown into a catch all for whatever was on the counter that needed to be off the counter.
Why is there a golf ball in there?
 Why are there disposable pens that no longer work taking up space? 
And why were the "Box Tops" for school fundraising tossed willy nilly into the mix?
Well, as simple and basic as her tips were, they worked wonders! 
 In the past, I have dumped an entire drawer onto the floor to sort.
 I then had another mess to fix. 
I worried about what to do with the stuff.
Sasha recommended dumping everything into a box first and sorting into three labeled bags from that point. 
She is a wise woman.
I will be honest.
This drawer is a small one, but it was jam packed with junk.
 It took me about 20 minutes from beginning to end and I am so pleased.
A place for everything and everything  in its place.
I can't wait to see what she comes up with next week.

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