Wednesday, July 1, 2015


What was meant to be a quick overnight trip to the beach last week, was stretched for the girls and I by a couple days.  I took Sugar Plum Fairy's Festa Attendants as planned to have their parade dresses altered and brought them home Friday night. I left Lollipop Pop there.
 Early Saturday morning, our youngest and I drove back to the beach for a couple more days of girl time. It was wonderful. Except for a traumatic event which I summarized in an E-Mail to my mom and sister.

"Well, the girls and I are in Pismo and have been lounging around reading and watching movies.
We jumped in the car earlier to run a quick errand.
Turned the key to a horrible noise and vibration under Lollipop Pop's feet.
Car off...
Blood dripping and an eyeball on the ground.
After a text to my husband on who to call because I was worried about the car, he replied, 'either the SPCA or the coroner', I realized we were on our own.
Then the nice neighbor man who LPP met last night came home.... 
Poor guy.
Danny was completely grossed out but crawled under the car and removed the remains of a huge squirrel for us.
He said he needed wine.
He offered to clean the driveway for us but we declined.
He also came over with a gallon of milk for us which is where we had been headed.
We are picking up wine after church for him.
We are also drawing a chalk outline of a squirrel on the driveway tomorrow."
The squirrel spirit was named Bucky.
He has been immortalized in least until it rains.
After delivery an apple cobbler and a bottle of wine to Danny, he offered to make us dinner!
  Sweet guy!



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