Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beach Excursion

When I made plans to take SPF and her friends to the coast for a couple days, I knew it would be a whirlwind. 
 We needed to have two dresses altered and take photos for the newspapers. 
What I wanted to do was to let them relax and have fun in between the "must dos". 
After we arrived and met with the seamstress, we hit the town.
The girls lunched on clam chowder bread bowls from Splash Café, which is known for having  yummy chowder. 
One of the girls, after trying the soup for the first time, said,
"This the  best thing I have ever eaten! It tastes like I am eating in Heaven!"
Pretty nice review, I must say.
After a walk to the end of the pier, we moseyed along the shore while they collected oodles of sand dollars. 
My rule is, "you want it, you carry it.", so they chose only their favorites and we made our way back to the house for a movie.
That evening, the girls dressed in their finery, crowned their cute noggins and off we went to take photos.
I will share more of these as we go along in the next month or so, but for now, suffice it to say, these are pretty, funny, patient and photogenic young ladies.
The alterations were finished in record time, so were able to spend the entire following day at the beach. 
My friend had been to Avila Beach and was crazy enough to get in a kayak and float with a pod of whales that had been hanging around the area.
 We got up, packed a picnic lunch and went to try our luck at whale watching.
From the beach...not a kayak.
Avila was peaceful and quiet until we turned around and watch 7 school busses unload their passengers.
While it was nice to watch many of these kids see the ocean for the first time, it did change the solitude we had enjoyed. 
 The girls continued to explore and have fun even though the whales appeared to have moved on.

These girls, I tell you, are the most fun and this year is going to be a hoot!

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