Thursday, June 11, 2015

This Man

This man.
This man was the first man who loved me.
This man has always led by example.
In his professional life as well as personal.
Today, this man celebrates his birthday.
I am so very blessed to call him Dad.


Anne Adams said...

Depending on what I needed at work, sometimes I called him "Dad" too. Like "Dad, can I borrow the car?" since he had to share with me. Didn't have to share with me but he did, just like a great dad would do. Your father taught me the meaning of "integrity" by actions and examples. Wonderful man and I am still so in awe of him and your Mom. Both so gracious and just so loving -- even though your dad doesn't respond to hugs very well -- which means I just have to do it anyway. Celebrate this awesome man today and everyday. Each day is to be cherished but today especially. Love to you and yours. Tell him "Happy Birthday" from his favorite Dispatcher (hee-hee).

Anonymous said...

Great post! Cherish every second you have with him. I hope he had a great birthday!!