Friday, June 5, 2015

Nearly Here

  The 4-H book is done.
Albeit done in spurts this week.
Mingled with swimming ...
...and playing with the two new rabbits we have.
I must say that over the years, I have learned a few simple tricks to do throughout the year that make completing the record book almost a breeze.
Well, a breeze if those tricks get done.
A paper calendar with ONLY 4-H events on it (not done) ...
a highlighter for each club meeting (done)...
and a copy of a project form for each project from the beginning of the year (done..almost). 
Having the child make notes after each meeting while it is fresh in their mind is a life saver.
 They can then elaborate if need be on the final copy.
What I was reminded of THIS year is that said child needs to write the DATE of the meeting next to the notes so her Mom does not need to call leaders for that info.
If paper calendar had been done, I would not have had to call either. 
Oh well. 
Thankfully they are both nice ladies!. 
My dining table will have no homework covering it until at least August.
I think the vacation part of summer is nearly here.

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Michelle said...

Nothing like a summer break!