Friday, June 26, 2015

My Sparse Garden

Gardening this summer has never looked so bleak. 
A very busy spring and the lack of water has not catered to much of a veggie garden.
The tomato came up from seed as did the sunflowers. 
We did have a lovely crop of kale and leeks, though. 
 After washing and blanching the kale, I squeezed a cup full at a time dry and then did a rough chop.
  I then froze it with my favorite method...large muffin tins. 
They are then stored in freezer bags so I can pop one out for soup or a casserole throughout the year.
After cleaning and chopping the leeks, I dried them kitchen towels and flash froze them on cookie sheets. 
These are now in large canning jars in the freezer which makes it a cinch to grab a few for garnish or a handful as needed.
And the taters. 
 Is there anything in the garden that is so much fun to harvest? 
It is like a treasure hunt digging through the dirt.
  Fun stuff.
 I am planning on putting a couple easy things in this weekend that we gobble up, but not much more than that.
Still praying for rain and sane politicians.


Michelle said...

Flash freezing and baggies up the fruits/veggies is my favorite way to preserve things from the garden.

Anonymous said...

You are so much further along than I am. Just yesterday I harvested my 1st cucumber. It's the only thing I've harvested so far.