Friday, June 19, 2015

His + Ours = Great Memories

Several days ago, we were discussing a day we spent in Italy and how we can have such have varying views of the same event.
 The following is the majority of the family's view on what occurred. 
We had disembarked the ship in La Spezia, Italy and taken a short train ride to Pisa to see, well.... the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 
 Anyway, after returning to La Spezia, we were walking down the lovely street. 
The girls wanted gelato, because it was Italy, of course.
Hubby wanted to go into a cigar shop.  
 Since the girls and I had to go potty, we walked to a gelato shop three doors down from the cigars.  We used the restroom and waited for our cold, creamy treats. 
As we exited the gelato shop, we waited for Hubby to come out of his shop.
We took pictures at this cool statue and waited. 
Opla by Giuliano Tomaina in La Spezia, Italy
And waited. 
Chris went to the cigar shop to see if his dad was still in there. 
 He was not. 
We waited some more.. 
Now, we had to meet the tender a few blocks away to get back on the ship. 
We had plenty of time in reality...but also in that reality was the fact that I probably began to freak out a bit. 
 In my mind, I was a mom in a foreign country with three children and my husband had disappeared...or left us to fend for ourselves...or been absconded by gypsies. 
My mind works in odd ways. 
After a few more minutes, we started walking back to the tender area. 
 I had decided that I would talk to the people in charge there and see if they could help find my lost hubby. 
As we got closer to the dock, we saw that hubby was walking toward us...FROM the dock.
This is where we have differing memories. 
He reports waiting for us in the same area we had been for quite some time before deciding that we must have begun to walk back to the dock on our own, so he started walking.
In the end...we all made it back to the ship and 5 years later are laughing about it. 
I love making memories with our family.

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