Monday, June 15, 2015

Complete Randomness

I received a message on my cell phone recently that I could no longer take a photo because, basically, I have NEVER transferred pics and there was no more room.
 I dove in and did some housecleaning and thought I'd share a few that will showcase the utter excitement around these parts.
Exhilarating, I tell you!
Sugar Plum Fairy's teacher loves iced tea so we made a cute tag from here and filled a cooler cup with teabags.
We live in a huge agricultural area and yet our town has not had a Farmer's Market in more than 20 years, if memory serves me correctly.
Our local hospital decided to change that sad fact and will host one every Tuesday morning through the end of July. 
Our newspaper was so stunned that they forgot how to spell, I think.
Anyway, Sugar Plum Fairy and I headed out last week to check it out and offer our support. 
 While it is quite small, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of vendors and the yumminess of the fresh produce. 
We came home with lemons and two herbs. 
 This will be a weekly morning errand for us, but we will remember to take bags to lug more treasures home.

If there is a sweeter and more fun sound than two little girls playing when they don't know they are being watched, I am at a loss as to what it would be.
Walking is back in my daily routine, but the heat has me out there at dawn.
Some of the sunrises have been magnificent. 
 The cool mornings with the sun peaking over the mountains is truly soothing to the soul.

For anyone who is in or has a child in 4-H, knows the profound relief when the record book is finally complete.
A friend of mine posted that she had an abundance of butter. 
Someone else then posted that our local grocery store had it on sale for $2.50 a pound. 
 We are now set for months, thanks to the power of social media.

I mentioned that Sugar Plum Fairy is the Junior Queen in Pismo Beach this summer. 
There are lots of parts to this process and the largest one is designing the cape and having it made. The seamstress we found is lovely and she guided us through the details painlessly. 
I am in love with the lace and can hardly wait to share the completed cape.

 It always seems that when we go Mother's Day and Father's Day card shopping, we can never locate a GODfather or GODmother card. 
Kind of irritates me that "DOG" cards are in abundance but not "GOD".
I saw this recipe last month when I was getting my hair done. 
The salsa sounded yummy so I snapped a picture. 
 I bought all of the ingredients except the chipotles. 
Then I forgot about said recipe. 
I could not remember why I bought so many tomatillos until just now!

My sister in law trusted me with some houseplants last week while they were gone. 
 I told her that my Hubby calls our house the place plants come to die.
Most seem okay.
One, I'm not sure about.
 The temps around here are remaining above 100* and I each day, I wonder why we still live here. 
We finally updated our summer to do list and have already accomplished several. 
I love when these silly cards replace all the school notes and meeting reminders.
Makes me happy.
And relaxed.
And finally...these words are truly how I want to live my life.
Every single thing.


Michelle said...

Love the randomness and love the butter even more :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the randomness!
And those lemons!! I bought some from the grocery store today. Plan to make fresh lemonade and enjoy an evening on the patio.
Now when that'll take place I have no idea. LoL