Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Tradition of Honor

I mentioned that last weekend was the Portuguese Celebration in my husband's hometown. 
The tradition of these celebrations go back the 1200's and Queen Isabel
 These Festas are organized and hosted by the local Portuguese Society in a town. 
 If there was a large immigrant Portuguese community, there is usually a society. 
In some communities, the Society that hosts and organizes the events may be made up of men from other areas. 
 This is the case in Pismo has become a tourist destination that had an enormous Portuguese influence in the past but not a lot who live there permanently now.  
In order to keep that tradition alive, others have stepped up to keep the Celebration going
Tipton's Celebration was last Sunday, so on that day, a new Senior Queen
 (a Portuguese, Catholic girl who has been confirmed)
and a new Junior Queen
(a younger Portuguese, Catholic girl who has received her First Holy Communion)
will begin their reign. 
There is a ceremonial Mass in which this occurs.
  Anyway, each queen has her court...anything from 2 attendants to complete and enormous entourages who will now travel to other Festas representing their town until their home celebration the following year.
There are more than enough of these in California for each town's queen to be in a different Celebration every Sunday all year long and still not catch them all!
 I have been to many of these Festas and seen lots of lovely gowns and capes and seen many young ladies proudly march in the parade in honor of their heritage and to those who came before them.
I have mentioned before that my Hubby's family has always been very involved.
My father in law served as president of the society.
Both of my sisters in law have served as either the Junior Queen, Senior Queen or both.

Watching this year's parade, I was on a mission though.
 Sugar Plum Fairy brought two of her best friends with her.

  I took pictures of the dresses and capes as they passed.
  The girls pointed out things they loved....
...and things they loved  not so much.
You see, Sugar Plum Fairy has been asked to be the Junior Queen in Pismo Beach.
She has accepted.
Her two friends have been asked to be her attendants. 
They have accepted.
Her Celebration is in 1 1/2 months.
A cape needed to be designed and made.
Dresses need to be made or purchased.
While there is much to do, it is truly an honor for her to carry on this family tradition.
And guess what?
YOU get to come along for the ride!
It may be bumpy and stress filled at times,. but in the end, I know that we have two special Portuguese angels guiding us along the way.





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Melinda said...

How exciting! What a neat honor - and those capes! Wowza!