Monday, June 22, 2015

A Night to Remember

Three weeks ago, graduation took place and  I have yet to post anything about it other than a smattering. 
In spite of the parking or lack there of and the chaos after graduation in the ability to locate the proper child through ONE gate, the night was wonderful.
Miss Lollipop Pop has amazed us and made us proud every step of the way over the last 4 years.
  Prior to that as well, but high school was brag worthy.
 Fair warning.
I'm going to brag.
Turn away if you like.

This young lady played sports all 4 years, was in the marching and concert bands for three.
 She was in clubs, ASB as well as 4-H, community service and volunteering outside of school.
She maintained no grade less than an A all four years.
  She was one of the Valedictorians at graduation. 
She is kind and loyal.
I kinda like her a little bit.
Okay...brag session over.
At graduation, Junior girls form an aisle for the grads to walk through.
We already miss this one.
When Lollipop Pop mentioned she wanted to wear high top PF Flyers, I wasn't sure for a moment. 
But after her Dad agreed, I was on board. 
What better way to be comfy and cute since the school district wont allow high heels on the turf.
Besides, those shoes made it a snap to locate her all night. 
Loved it!
See...the shoes help, don't they?
It was great that our niece and nephew were also seated in the front row on the same side of the stadium.
It sure for easier viewing of them all.

Receiving a text from a friend sitting on the other side of the stadium in this area, made my night. 
It had me tearing up before the events even began,.

Listening to Lollipop Pop's speech and watching her receive her diploma, had her parents beaming with pride.
All of her hard work paid off.
Her dedication and focus was rewarded.
After the ceremony and finding our kidnicks, the photo session began.
My sister and her two kiddos were able to make it as well as my parents.

Anytime we can get all the cousins together, even for a few minutes, is a good time.
It becomes more difficult every year.
Even with family in town, getting everyone together can be challenging..
  I guess that is what happens in grow up and move on.
It's what we raise them for and want for them.
And it makes the reunions that much sweeter.
Some of these friendships were formed in elementary school and some more recently.
They are strong and I see them lasting as they each move away and go in different directions.
And then there is our family. 
These bonds are woven so strongly that neither time nor distance will break them.
As I watched our girl on this night, I knew that she is ready. 
High school is over and is already but a memory.
 It is time to move forward.
 It is time to delve more into the person God wants her to be.
  As parents, I pray that we have prepared her for this next step.
I believe we have and I know that it is time for her to soar.


This heart...we are so VERY proud of you.

And forever.




Wanda Cox - Wellness With Wanda said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing this moment. It's brought back such wonderful memories of my own graduation. Feel free to brag. Heck brag some more on your very special daughter. She deserves that and so much more. Congrats on this wonderful milestone for all of you!

Michelle said...

Congrats to her and her wonderful family for raising this young lady!