Tuesday, June 2, 2015

15 years in the Making

 It has been fun to watch these boys grow into men.
As of today, they are ALL 20 years old.
Our son, on the right with our two nephews, are all with in 8 months of age to each other.
1999 or 2000
 They have each gone different directions in their lives but are great young men. 
Getting them together is more difficult now that they are in three different cities, but Lollipop Pop's graduation was the common thread. 
My sister in law suggested we recreate the shot again.
The only problem was that none of us remembered which order they had been in previously.
So they switched...
...and switched.
Surely they matched the original in one of the combinations....
Not one.
But is was fun and I still love them all!


Michelle said...

What a handsome group of guys!

Melinda said...

Now there's some good looking young men!