Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Truism

Blogging has not only allowed me to pour out my heart and preserve my memories, it has introduced me to wonderful blogging friends. 
 Melinda is one such lady whom I have never met in person, but whom I am confident I would like in real life.
 I mean just the name of her blog, Blue Jeans and Cotton Tees is perfect.
Take a peak at her blog and introduce yourself .
Her comparison recently of raising children to gardening and being in a season of transplanting hit my heart dead on and had me in tears.
On this Mother's Day, may all of our children know that this prayer Melinda composed is prayed over them.
Over and over.

And my momma heart prayed, “Take care of the roots, children!”
Those precious roots that your dad and I have tried to build into your lives.
Roots that will anchor you in the bedrock of strong faith.
Roots that will help you stay strong when the world is storming around you.
Watch those roots!
Tend them carefully.
Water them.
Give them good soil.
Let them grow deep and strong.
Please children, hear your momma’s heart.
Take care of the roots.

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