Thursday, May 21, 2015

Roller Coaster

The last week and a half has been a true roller coaster of emotions.
From the high of my Mom getting a clean, cancer free report to the low of losing my mother in law.  Crying has been a daily occurrence.
Happy and sad.
Bittersweet and mournful..
Tears of pride for my daughter and her cousins as they received a scholarship that honors their heritage.
Pride when Lollipop Pop's junior high school history teacher turned superintendent presented 4 other tiny country school alumni and her with scholarships.
I inadvertently cut off the 5th kidnick...oops...sorry, Israel.
Gratitude when said superintendent stayed and posed with my girl.
8th grade graduation
Senior. Scholarship Night
Humbled when I had to purchase more bags to fit all the items our 4-H Club members donated to bless women who find themselves at our battered women's shelter.

Laughter and happiness for my girlie, her cousin and their friends as they beat the Juniors in an encore Powder Puff Football game.
   (This game is usually played every other year, but these girls pushed to be able to played as Seniors also)
Lollipop Pop woke up the following day and said she felt like she had been run over.
Scoring points in football is hard work!

Watching my niece and nephew discuss the game plan...not sure that is smiled upon when one is the quarterback and one is the ref. 
Oh well.
Stress at getting items to the fair as well as appreciation for all the leaders and parents who make such a thing possible. 
Teaching our youth to preserve foods or decorate a cake, take terrific photos or how to care for critters,  are things they will carry with them throughout their lives.
Awards are kind of a nice added benefit as well.

Being surrounded by Sugar Plum Fairy's friends helped a great deal. 
We were all able to put aside our sadness for a moment.
Happiness in watching Sugar Plum Fairy play in her first band concert. 
This girl loves music!

 Last night, we were blessed to attend Lollipop Pop's Baccalaureate. 
There were students from most of the high schools in town.
 As Father blessed them while they formed a semi-circle, I cried. 
 I cried when they sang Amazing Grace.
I always cry when they sing Amazing Grace.
Watching these three handle the recent events in addition to their finals and "end of high school stuff", I felt such joy and pride in who they have become.
This morning I will wake my daughter up for the last time to get ready for school.
Her final day of high school.
Tears are sure to fall again.
The next few days, we will be surrounded by friends and family.
 The roller coaster is slowing down and while the emotions are sure to be raw and close to the surface for some time, we are comforted in the knowledge that the loss we feel now will ease a bit.
We know that she will be watching down upon us as we laugh together and cry together and heal together.

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Michelle said...

You certainly do have a lot going on at your end. Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-Law. Congrats to the grad and nice to hear about your Mom's good report.