Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Birthday Party Post...I Think

When Lollipop Pop asked if we could have a party with her friend Mo, we agreed without question. They have birthdays two days apart and after graduation, they will be in different states.
Mo is moving to South Dakota.
Sad for all of us.
 She truly feels like part of  our family and we wanted to give her something special to remember.  The girls planned the chic...and the colors.
 They created the invites and the menu.
They made a Pinterest board and posted what they were drawn to and I went from there. 
For the centerpieces, I used a photo idea I have done before, but used clothespins to attach the pictures to a stick in the center of rocks in Mason jars. 
Homemade candles and flowers completed the look.
 (I took these shots before the party started and it was too hot to bring the flowers out yet)
The large letters were painted white and sat on a table with markers for friends to write a lasting note for the birthday girls.
I touched up our direction sign and added two new locales and placed the gift table under it with more of the pictures the girls took together. 
 Fun stuff.

The back drop for the food table turned out just as I had envisioned. 
I have made the large mural type photos before from these instructions and am always pleased. 
 So cute, easy, inexpensive and makes such an impact.
Fresh rolls, shredded BBQ pork and salads filled the plates and tummies.
Mo's Dad brought a lovely cake, which I neglected to take a picture of and I made Triple Chocolate Bundt cakes and Lemon Tassies.

The friendships that our girl has made over the course of her school years are precious. 
 I know that most of them are going to continue into the next chapter of her life.
What a blessing that is.

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