Monday, April 13, 2015

Just Be

Easter morning was gorgeous! 
The day's events were a bit different than in the past, though
For one thing, Sugar Plum Fairy no longer believes in the Easter Bunny...which frankly, I'm okay with.
When I asked her if she still wanted to look for eggs, I was told in no uncertain terms,
"Yes!  I'll let you know when I don't want to anymore."
Okay then.
As our kidnicks have grown up, I have learned a lot and tweaked a bit.
  I have not purchased new Easter baskets in years.
We recycle the same ones each year and place items in them that were given up for Lent.
 Their baskets have handles that swivel down for easy storage and are pretty enough to used throughout the year for other things as well.
The baskets will then be given to each said child when they begin families of their own.
And the fake plastic grass that I always bought for the baskets and then promptly threw away.
 No more. 
Tissue paper and bubble wrap that I have on hand. 
This girl and bubble wrap?
It might be her favorite thing ever.
(Oh...I gave up sweeping the wood floor apparantly...yikes!)

We went to church together and came home for the Easter egg hunt.

 It matter not who hides the eggs.
It is still fun to search for them. 
AND we found them all. 

The only difference is that in years past when an egg was not found, the Easter Bunny got the blame.  The blame is now placed solely on this Mama's shoulders for not remember where is is hidden.
Not sure I am please with this turn of events.
I know as our kids grow up and move on, it becomes more difficult to get extended family together. 
 I didn't get to see my sister and her family this year. 
 Makes me sad, but we will make up for it soon. 
 My parents came over for dinner a couple days ago and we just adapt.
 Being together and relishing those times together are more important that rushing from one house to another on a specific day to make everyone happy. 
 Taking the time to sit and visit and just be will be what will be remembered.   
We had lunch and spent the afternoon with Hubby's family and being able to sit with my mother in law just be-ing is what mattered. 
It is times like this that define us.
Whatever else may be happening in our lives can be put aside.
Even just for a moment and
just be.



Michelle said...

Nice to see the young lady still hunting for eggs :)

klutzymama said...

She's so adorable!