Thursday, April 9, 2015

He Sent Hope

The weather forecasters had been telling us that there was a chance for some rain last Tuesday. 
 I have become a full blown skeptic in that area.
I will believe it when I see it.
Sad, I know.
Well, sure enough on Tuesday afternoon, the sprinkles began and the driveway was wet. 
Wet enough that I pulled the car out of the garage to give it a much needed shower.
  By the time I went to pick Sugar Plum Fairy up from school, my car was clean and there were actual puddles. 
By 4:00pm, the blue sky was back, dotted with puffy white clouds.
 The rain gauge showed in miniscule amount.
Remember my skepticism?
That's why. 
Just disappointing to get my hopes and have them dashed.
 However...just after 6:00pm, THIS bad boy was called to my attention.

It was bringing lightning, thunder and wind. 
No rain.
 Until I got halfway down the driveway to go to a meeting.
The rain hit us like a wall. 
Then came the hail. 
The rain so loud in the car that I could not hear my daughter in the back seat.
Pulling over didn't seem like a great option for fear I would get stuck in the mud, so we made our way to our destination.
 I learned that windshield wipers can't keep up with all rain.
Made it safely to our meeting, called Hubby and daughter to report we were safe and sat in the car waiting for an opportunity to run to shelter. 
The lightning was everywhere and the rain was pounding.
  Boy, was it fantastic!

 An hour later, the storm had passed and the sky was amazing. 
The picture doesn't do it justice, but it will have to suffice. 
 Looking at this today, I am now noticing the grain lying down in spots....
As I drove yesterday, there are fields all over the place that look like this and worse.
 Seems like a small price to pay for 1/2 inch of rain in an hour's time rain, I think...but then again, I am not a grain farmer.

When I woke up Wednesday, I felt hopeful.
 I know that this rain was but a drop in the bucket to end our drought, but glimpsing a bit of snow on the mountain tops and seeing the vibrant green of the trees taking a clean breath of air reminded me that God is in control.
 It felt like a promise from Him that things will be okay.
He knew we were all feeling desperate and helpless. 
He sent us hope.
What a blessing.

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Michelle said...

Hopefully more rain is in store for you area. Sad to hear it did some damage. And, that is one huge cloud!