Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Mish Mosh to Catch Up

I have been in a blogging rut lately.
It often happens when I have a lot on my plate...even when I knew what was in the future.
  Well, the future that I anticipated for so long is upon us. 
 In less than a month, Lollipop Pop (and her two cousins) will be confirmed...throw in our son and two nephews as  sponsors and this is truly a family event.
Lollipop Pop will also turn 18 and we are hosting a co-party for her best friend and her. 
Anyway.....the prep that is going into that is almost overwhelming when I think about it. 
 So I don't think about it.
But, I should think about it.
Remembering that I blog as a form of scrapbooking so that I won't forget things, here it goes.
First of Mom and Dad.
Today marks their 51st wedding anniversary.
51 years!
This past year has been an especially sweet one.
I love these two.
Beyond measure.
I have made the decision to pursue my Daughters of the American Revolution membership. 
It combines things the and history.
I am amazed and proud that my family played such an important part in the forming of this great country.
 I finally have in my possession all but two of the pieces of documentation I need.
One of those is MY wedding certificate. 
The papers from a century ago I have...but MY certificate?
What a dork!
Sugar Plum Fairy qualified for the "area wide" track meet last week. 
Several small schools come together and compete.
After she ran her 220 with kids her age and size...
... it was discovered that her timer had not started his stopwatch or some silly she got to run it again!
With the 6th graders.
We were very proud that she finished.
I also realized just how big 6th graders are compared to the 4th graders.
My niece was the photographer for a birthday girl photo session last week as well.
What fun these pictures are and Miss A. has a terrific eye.
 I will post more as the party gets closer.

Sugar Plum Fairy's Easter vacation is this week but on the first day, we visited her pediatrician.
Mid-week her sister joined her on the sick bed for a day.
Everyone seems to be on the mend now...and yes, I AM knocking on wood.

Our local fairs are approaching and the cake decorating has begin.
This is the time of year that every flat surface seems to be covered with one project or another.

Even the floor was not immune.
Rolling fondant requires leverage and this worked well.

I hosted our 4-H's Community Service Committee this week as well.
The kids filled 15 baskets for the children at our local Women's Shelter.
Once Sugar Plum felt better yesterday we were able to have some Easter fun.
 The eggs are colorful and festive
And she was able to add to our collection of ceramic eggs. 
 This was one of the best things I did as the kidnicks were little.
These eggs were at the 99 cent store...two for 99 cents.
 Every year, each kidnick designs and creates their masterpiece.
Once they add their name and year to the bottom, I bake them and voila!
 I think it will be special when each one receives their own set when they begin their adult lives.

 Tonight, we will also be making these.
Another tradition I am proud that I started.
 Finally, Lollipop Pop had her final high school sport's banquet. 
It does not seem possible that the first time she ever played basketball was in the 5th grade at the same small country school where her sister is.
And that her coach then is the same man.
I thinks that's it for now.
I need a nap!


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