Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Field Trip

Sugar Plum Fairy's class had a field trip several weeks ago and I was able to tag along.
What a fun day it was. 
 We visited a planetarium that our county education office runs.
 I had been their with another kidnick's class years ago, but had forgotten all about it. 
The kids loved it and asked great questions.
 After lunch with the ducks under the oak trees, 
we entered the museum at Mooney's Grove and learned about the native Indian's lives.
How they gathered food and lived day to day. 
There is quite a large collection of mortar and pestles as well as baskets.  

  A new museum has been built since my last visit here paying tribute to Farm Labor
 and Agriculture. 

 After a short video and questions and answers, we roamed this building. 
It honors each of the nationalities and cultures that came to this valley and turned it into the farming powerhouse it is today.

There is antique equipment and an old car piled high with everything a family owned in the world travelling to California to begin again.

I find it interesting that that is happening in the reverse now.

 There were even some familiar names and places represented.
The kidnicks broke into small groups and we given a scavenger hunt list of questions to complete. They searched each building for the answers and I wandered along taking pictures and answering questions as the need arose.

It was a gorgeous day to be outside and I am grateful that I go to tag along with some fantastic kidnicks.

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Michelle said...

That does sound like a great trip. I am rather fascinated by that collection of mortar and pestles.