Tuesday, April 21, 2015

18? Already? Must be a Mistake.

This girl came into the world on her own terms.
Strong, stubborn and with a mind of her own.
I have come to recognize that those are enviable qualities...especially in a daughter.
She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.
And she was ours to raise and guide.
Her values and morals are as true as they come.
Once she has her mind set on something, she figures out a way to make it happen. 
That quality has only grown as she has
She has always been a Daddy's girl but kind of  likes her Mama too.

                                                           Today, this girl turns 18.
The emotions that flow through me as I admit that are powerful.
 I am in awe of what she has done thus far in her life.
I wait in anticipation to see what she does next.
 I am so very proud of the young woman she has become and so very grateful that God loaned her to use to raise.
 She is ready to take flight and soar from this here humble nest.
Happy birthday, my sweet girl.


Michelle said...

She sounds just perfect! Happy Birthday to her!

Dad said...