Friday, March 6, 2015

Good Hard Work

Boy, oh boy did we work hard last weekend.
The walnut trees we had on either side of our driveway are now gone. 
One had died and the other looked odd by its lonesome. 
 This was what it looked like when we moved in 12 years ago.
I am amazed how large the trees had become.
Borrowing the backhoe was a life saver and seemed to have the operator in his element.
Quick work was made of this tree as well as the remaining stump.
We still have some work to do and new trees might make an appearance soon.
Looks bare and too open for my taste.
We shall see.
The tree in the back has needed to come out for several years, but we kept putting it off.
It was really small when we moved it and it had lived a good life for climbing and swinging on.

But, those days were over.
Not sure what will go out here yet...something, but not sure yet.

We also removed our grapefruit tree...and a dead stump from the orchard. 
I love good weekends where we working together and accomplishing so much.

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Michelle said...

Family participation always makes farm/house chores more fun.