Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Last

Lollipop Pop's final home basketball game was last Friday and was it ever a night to remember!
There are several more games before the season ends, but this is last time they play in their home gym in front of their home crowd. 
This night is always marked by each player...on all three squads, giving a flower to her parents or grandparents individually.
 Names are announced and honor is paid. 
 It is a sweet way to thank them publicly for their taxi service and support over the year. 
What made Friday night extra special is that this is the night the Senior girls are honored and both my niece and Lollipop Pop are...gasp....SENIORS!
As each young lady is introduced, she is escorted onto the court by her parents...or parent or parent and grandparent. 
The coach tells of each players' accomplishments and aspirations. 
Of the 5 seniors, 4 are continuing on to college and one will be protecting our country in the Air Force.
 These five girls have known each other the majority of their young lives and we parents have gotten to know each other.
They have played together on NJB basketball teams and soccer teams since they were wee ones.
Looking through the pictures my nephew and Sugar Plum Fairy took from the stands, I am brought to tears again. 
 My husband and his sister standing next to each other...on Senior Night...with their baby girls.
 Never would we have guessed way back when, that our families would be raising our children together with such closeness. 
These two girls are not just cousins, they are great friends.
Add my nephew into the mix in May at graduation, and I am certain to be a sobbing, mushy mess.
OH...and the game?
Lost by three points as our final three point shot was made a hair past the buzzer.
Tears were shed by the players at that point.
It was hard fought and hard lost.
But in the end, I could not be more proud of these particular young ladies.
They will accomplish great things and they are indeed loved.


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Melinda said...

Wiping tears with you. Those "final things" are so bittersweet!