Friday, February 20, 2015

An Anticipated Hug

Tonight, I will joining my parents as we watch this man receive a most deserved honor.
Mr. A at the airport prior to our departure to Europe in 1983
It is no secret how I feel about Mr. A. and his patient, kind and loving wife.
I shared a bit about the last time I saw him at the unveiling of a memorial in town. 
I mentioned that he sang at our wedding...his voice was goose bump worthy.
He inspired countless young people in the 30 plus years he directed this band.
He exposed students from a small agricultural town to the world and encouraged them to dream. 
This was taken after a performance in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1983...look at the our wide eyed faces looking out at a huge audience of Danes. 
We weren't sure what was happening.
I found an article written in a S.F. paper prior to the band marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
 While I was not in the band then, my parents had stayed on for years as chaperones as well as the uniform lady and an equipment mover.
 Mr. A. had that effect on people. 
People wanted to be around him and his magic.
 They wanted to be a part of something massive.
 After I travelled to Europe with the band while in high school, I was hit hard with the travel bug.
 It was a deciding factor in my career choice as a travel agent.
He and his wife moved from town in the past few years to be with their daughter and her family. 
 But tonight, they will be back in the valley where he will be inducted into the California Music Educator's Association's Hall of Fame.
Well deserved and long in coming
I can hardly wait to give him and Mrs. A. a hug.

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