Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Lenten Post

Every year on Ash Wednesday, we each give something up for Lent. 
This year, I really wanted to make Lent a more special period of time with our kidnicks...especially Sugar Plum Fairy. 
I changed the mantel to reflect this season and made a neat hand garland. 
Each of us had our hand traced and cut out.
The heart on our palms lists what we each have chosen to give up for Lent.
It is a terrific reminder when we walk past to reflect on why we do this.
It keeps this time of preparation in the forefront of our minds.
(I got the idea from Karen's Adventures in Mommyland...she has some great things over there...can't wait to dig deeper)
 Lemonade Makin' Mama blogged about preparing her home for Lent and introduced us/me to the Messiah Mystery.  
Our kit arrived this week and I poured through it and I must say it is wonderful! 
Last night, our youngest and I were the only people home so we made the paper chain and read through the first week's lesson. 
 (there are six lessons in all)
The links of the chain are each numbered from 1-40.
 Each day, one link is taken off the chain and stuck to an enclosed poster.
At the end of 40 days, the final clue should be revealed in this hidden picture.
While reading the lesson together, SPF used the magnifying glass to discover and then write in the notebook, her clues. 
The discussion we had last night was heart warming to me.
 It opened up an avenue of discussing what God asks of us and what He promises for us in a way that I find easy & insighful and she enjoyed.

I can hardly wait until next week!

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Karen said...

Beautiful sacrifice garland! It looks amazing with the pretty scrapbook paper! We didn't make one this year, but now that I see the one you did, I may have to pull out some scrapbook paper and make a pretty one, too.