Thursday, January 8, 2015

The New Year

New Year's Eve and Day have come, gone and are but a memory.
I NEVER stay up past 10:00pm....or 8:00pm if truth be told.
The tradition around these parts has been to go to Olive Garden in neighboring town with Hubby's family in the late afternoon. 
 But, as I have mentioned, this year is a time for changes...torch passing.
We stayed in town and had a YUMMY Italian dinner with Hubby's local sister and my parents. 
 It was perfect... and close.
 And did I mention yummy?
Shaggy went home with his cousins, I took my Mommy and Daddy to their home and Hubby went to  his Mommy's house for the night. 
The girls and I were home alone...on New Year's Eve...they without a single night owl for companionship!
  Sugar Plum Fairy desperately wanted to make it until midnight, so I joined her on the couch and we laughed and made fun of the crazy people in the cold on the T.V.
I even made her get up and do Jumping Jacks at one time when the Sandman was in the area.
 Lollipop Pop worked on her puzzle and kept her Dad entertained with texts.
And you know what?
 We stayed awake!
Woo Hoo!
Such party animals!
New Year's Day has always revolved around food in my house. 
 Mom used to spend hours preparing munchies to sit out buffet style while the parade and football games were going on. 
 I do the same thing on a much smaller scale.
Monkey Bread this year for breakfast and a few favorites for mid day.

Crab and Chili Sauce, Devilled Eggs, Pepper Relish, Shrimp and Crock Pot Sausage bites.
Last year, we also started a new tradition.
The Good Things Jar.
This might just be one of the best things ever.
Reading what we each thought was a good thing throughout the year is such fun!
It is amazing what we would otherwise forget.
Successful surgeries for two nephews and my Mom.
The words "cancer free".
The look on our youngest's face when she crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
College acceptance letters.
This year promises to be filled with lots of things and we already have two items in this year's jar.
Can't wait to see what they are!

How did you celebrate the ringing in of 2015?

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Michelle said...

We stayed home and didn't make it until midnight!