Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rule Broken and a Recipe

I did something last week that my mom taught me NEVER to do.
I served a NEW recipe to company.
These gorgeous placemats were woven by my talented Mommy.
Aren't they gorgeous?
Growing up, I remember Mom trying new foods on us (she is an amazing cook, by the way) and at the end of the meal, she would ask,
"Did you like it?",
followed by,
 "Is it good enough for company?"
This is probably the smartest  way to try new recipes...use your family as guinea pigs.
 I chose, instead, to use my friend.
As it turned out, we are still friends and lunch was pretty yummy.
Skinnytaste is a fantastic blog with  yummy recipes. 
 It has rapidly become my go to place for new things. 
Gina's Thai Chicken Peanut Lettuce Tacos will become a staple around here.
My store did not have ground chicken, so I substituted turkey..I forgot the peanuts and I used butter lettuce for the taco shells.
Otherwise, I followed her recipe exactly.

When Sugar Plum Fairy got home from school, she devoured the leftovers.
 Seriously devoured!
Lunch AND after school snacks?
Pretty successful, me thinks.
My Daily Three Gratitudes
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