Thursday, January 15, 2015

Proud, Inspired and Up-Lifted

For the past few years as the Advisor for our 4-H Club's Community Service, the kidnicks have chosen to send Valentine's Day cards to our American Soldiers who are serving our country overseas. In the past, we have sent them to Hugs for Soldiers, which is a terrific group.
They organize lots of neat things for our troops and I encourage you to check them out.
  This year, I thought it might be nice to send a box of love to a soldier with local ties.
  My brain started working and several names came to mind. 
After contacting one soldier's wife, a decision was made. 
 I would mail the cards to her husband and he will distribute them to his fellow men and women. 
 I have know this local soldier and his wife for more than 30 years
(and yes, I counted on my fingers to make sure that is fingers say brain wonders how that can be because I am not old enough for that!)
and knew the cards would mean a lot to him as well as give the 4-H members a local soldier in their minds.
I was touched when I learned that some of the Mom's in our club decided to make this part of the program for the night. 
They brought hearts, markers, glue, stickers and set up a card decorating table.
 As I watched the kids make their cards, I was struck by how much they appreciate what our soldiers do for our country as well as the world. 
They were not prompted as to what to write. 
 These messages came from their hearts. 
Some 6 year old hearts.
 Some teenage hearts.
I have become discouraged and dismayed recently with things occurring around the world and how we as Americans are viewed and portrayed. 
 It is easy to listen to the media and lose faith.
My faith was fully restored this week.
I was blown away by how seriously a room full of kidnicks took this card making task.
They poured out their hearts with gratitude, love and pride.
Their words and drawings will not only bless a lot of soldiers, they blessed me as well.

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Michelle said...

Wonderful to see them working on these cards.