Friday, January 16, 2015

Fog and a PSA

This was our driveway this week.
We have always had fog after rains, although our town seems to usually be on the lighter side than the rest of the valley. 
Even with the miniscule amount of rain this year, the fog here has been worse that I remember in ages.
Tule Fog, it is, and not much scares me more to drive in.
It is the leading cause of weather related deaths in all of California.
I have been lost once in it...when I was in my early 20's and have never forgotten.
I have passed my driveway before and then had to drive through our neighbor's round-about and feel my way back before.
Thank goodness that was before they put a fence up...wonder if that is WHY they put a fence up.  Hmmm...
It has brought me to tears recently as Monday night.
I have learned to control the tears until I have made it home...looking through tears and fog don't mix well.
MANY people with cars that have automatic headlights don't know that the lights don't always come on in the fog...while you can't see distance, it is bright enough and the sensors don't read it properly.
I heard a CHP officer the other day reminding people of this fact as well as the fact that if your lights are not on, neither are your tail lights.
Lights in daytime fog is not to help you see is to help other cars see you.
So turn your lights on manually every time.
This has been your friendly Public Service Announcement for the day.
Oh...and fog drivers...

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