Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week One of Advent - 2014

Advent is a season of waiting and preparing. 
It is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism and busy-ness that this season has become.
When preparing our Advent Calendar, I tried to include things that will cause our youngest to pause and think. 
Some are simple joys.
Some are for others.
 Some may actually encompass a task that needs to be done and that I could do faster but but I hope that by including her, she..and I, will take a breath and remember what we are actually preparing and waiting for.
Day 1 
 Make treats for 4-H Christmas Party 
Day 2 
 Prepare a box of treats for our mail lady.
(I have an entire post about this lady in my brain to share with you one day) 

Day 3 
 Give the cats a bowl of warm milk.

Day 4
Watch the Christmas parade while sipping on hot chocolate.
(She actually got to ride on a float and watch the rest of the parade with both Mommy AND Daddy)
Day 5
Prepare bags with treats and essentials to be passed out to people in need around town.
Day 6
Make and mail snowflakes to Aunt Someone.
Day 7 will be added to next weeks recap-----
Can't give a surprise away here.


Michelle said...

You have some wonderful ideas for Advent.

molly:-) said...

Snowflakes... I wonder if that activity actually made it finally snow over here. ♡☆♡