Monday, December 8, 2014

It's a Thing

Having a high school senior GIRL athlete is different than having a high school senior BOY athlete.
With a boy, his parents are honored at the final home game and that's it.
Easy peasy.
Girls, I have discovered, create "Senior Memory Boards".
It is the thing to do.
The creations are usually displayed at the final home game or award dinner for all to see.
The boards are a compilation of the senior's high school athletic career and for those people who are organized and have labeled photos, I imagine it is easy as pie.
Not so much.
Her sophomore golf pictures?
Not to be found.
In actuality, it was fun to sort through pics as well as look at the other girls' boards.
So many memories and such fantastic people. 
 And two of the best coaches we have ever been involved with.

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