Monday, December 29, 2014

Advent Week 4 - 2014

And's over.
 When Advent began, I wanted to be able to savor it...have time move slowly and have Sugar Plum Fairy really understand the meaning and the anticipation.
 I think we accomplished most of that...most of the time.
Day 22
Take flowers to cemetery for Chris and Tyler.
Day 23
Pajama day with Christmas books and hot chocolate.
This was great except when we had visitors drop by for a few hours. 
 Jammies were changed out of and put back on as soon as possible.
Day 24
Bake a birthday cake for Jesus
This year was Chocolate Peppermint.  Yummy.
Day 25
Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus
I hope that in the coming year, we all take time to slow down...focus on whatever in our lives is important and reflect...look forward and savor it.
What a lesson that is.

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