Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Week 3 - 2014

I am desperately trying to slow this last week of Advent down, but think it won't happen.
Instead, I am savoring every drop of it.
Day 15
Make Christmas card for Mrs. N
Day 16
Give Daddy a GINORMOUS hug and 5 old and 5 new kisses.
Seriously, nothing better.
Day 17
Go to Spoons after school.
This is our local frozen yogurt shop and the perfect way to ring in Christmas vacation!
Day 18
Go to lunch with Mommy at ANY restaurant in a three town radius.
She chose Olive Garden.
I must say this day was a cop out on my end.
 I had a hair appointment.
Originally, a special lunch with her sister was planned.
That was before I looked at my eldest daughter's school calendar and discovered that said eldest daughter's Christmas vacation did not begin when I thought it did and she would be taking finals. 
So...Sugar Plum Fairy got stuck with me...and two hours in a hair salon.
I do think the Zeppole made up for it, though.
Day 19
Watch Annie in the theater.
She has wanted to see this for ages and she loved it!
Day 20
Watch Night at the Museum 3 with Mommy and Daddy and look at Christmas lights afterward.
Her sister joined us. 
It was bittersweet to watch Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney on the screen again.
AND Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey player Sir Lancelot.
I loved the movie and laughed out loud a couple times.


We did enjoy the backward sleigh as well.
Day 21
Leave a treat for a Red Box customer.
We enclosed a card that  read, "Enjoy a movie on us.  Merry Christmas"
with a couple dollars. 
We then taped it to a Red Box screen.
We waited for a few minutes in the car to see who found it, but ended up leaving before someone did. 
Hope they enjoyed it.
Only a few more days of this glorious season.

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