Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Advent Week 2 - 2014

In November, I promised myself that I would be done with everything and be able to relax ALL of December.
Didn't happen.
I did, however get a lot done and am finding that I do have time to curl up in front of the TV and watch Hallmark Christmas movies all evening or afternoon with my girls if I want.
I am reading AND I joined a study group on the life of Mary...LOVE IT!
Week two of Advent has come and gone and here is what that week filled Sugar Plum Fairy's heart with.
Day 7
Prepare a CARE package for Alic.
 (My nephew is a sophomore in college and who couldn't use a bit of Christmas cheer before finals?)
We created a funky wreath and filled the box with homemade treats and Christmas kitchen stuff that a college boy would never know he needed, like a Santa towel, napkins and a spoon rest!
Day 8
Make a Christmas Star for Nina.
Our daughter learned to make these in school this year and I love them!
Nina does too!
Day 9
Give Sister 10 old and 10 new kisses.
Old kisses stem from the time Sugar Plum Fairy was a toddler,
Her kisses consisted of an O-shaped mouth and as she touched your cheek, she made a "Oh-waw" sound. 
 We loved them.
Then she grew up and learned how to kiss like everyone else in the world. 
We missed the "old" kisses so named them and asked for them.
It's one of those things that we did right. 
Otherwise, by now we would have forgotten how cute her kisses were and she would know nothing of them.
Day 10
Read your Favorite Christmas book to Daddy
I was at a basketball game and missed the photo op.
She still loves to read aloud and doing anything for her Dad.
Day 11
After school, enjoy a Jamba Juice while choosing special Christmas cards for your Godparents.
I think she may have been most amazed that I let her take Jamba Juice into the store!
Day 12
Make a Christmas card and mail to Father Scott.
She still adores art and water coloring. 
Day 13
Make snowflakes for "someone who hasn't received them yet, but reads this blog".

Day 14
Give Chloe and Hannah carrots.
She literally jumped for joy with this one.
The girl adores horses.
Oh...and see the mud?
We have had rain!



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