Friday, December 12, 2014

A Birthday of Sorts

One year ago, yesterday, I asked for prayers from you.
 Over the past year, I shared a bit of what those prayers were for.
In October, Mom was deemed cancer free.
Yesterday, she had her one year check up with the surgeon who, along with her oncology team, saved her life.
After a glowing report from the surgeon, she add Dad toodled off to lunch at their favorite restaurant....smiling the entire way, I am sure.
As I look back over what this past year encompassed, I am  struck with the enormity of it all. 
With her diagnosis coming at Thanksgiving and the surgery two weeks prior to Christmas, it was a lot to deal with, although at the time, we all just took it day by day...sometimes hour by hour.
Photo of my parents' mantle...taken by my Mommy
    Mom was adamant at the time that Christmas would not be sacrificed by her recovery.
My Dad, sister and I did everything in our power to honor that order...errrr  request.
 Things were tweaked and in the end, she got her wish. 
In the year since, I have watched Mom go through chemo and radiation and a second surgery...all with the grace and humor that define her. 
I have always thought of milestones like this as anniversaries...but her surgeon said something that I like even better.
It truly is a birthday to celebrate.

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