Friday, November 21, 2014

What was Then is History Now

About 4 1/2 years ago, Lollipop Pop and I were able to visit Washington DC and New York City with a group from her school.
 Looking back at these posts (1, 2,  3) is fun for me...I can not believe how quickly time has passed.
The man in the blue hat was a teacher from a neighboring school who joined us with 4 of his students. 
 The man in the black shirt was our fearless leader and Lollipop Pop's math teacher. 
 Both of these men are her high school basketball coaches now.
Strange how things change.
When we were in Washington, we got to meet with our Congressman.
Another teacher on the trip helped make this happen as she is a family friend.
She was also a history teacher who knew this would be something the kids would remember and learn from.
Congressman Nunes has worked hard for our Central Valley and continues to have his voice heard on our behalf.
He took the time to answer questions from the kidnicks as well as the parents.
I remember one question asked was if he wanted to run for President.
He said that he had someone in mind whom he hoped would run. 
 Wish I knew who he was thinking about for curiosity sake

Earlier this week,  Congressman Nunes was appointed as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.
Pretty cool stuff for those kids, looking back now.
Good Luck, Devin!

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