Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have never had a proper place to keep my sewing machine set up. 
 I changed that recently and could not be more happy. 
Our entry closet has always been a catch all, despite my best attempts to organize it.
After moving the wrapping paper to the laundry room, the entry closet had become a place that old, unusable coats went to die. 
 The ski garb hung here and just took up space.
  We sorted the old coats and donated what we could last year and the ski bibs went into storage. 
I decided I was going to claim this newfound space for myself. 
An extension cord for power suits the purpose for now and I love this so much!
I had not sewn anything since I made another Halloween costume 3 years ago and I was ready to jump back in.
Sugar Plum Fairy had her first sewing lesson here. 
 I made a poodle skirt for Lollipop Pop for a dress up day. 
I am a bit rusty, but I plan on remedying that fact.
"Memories are stitched with love"
~Author Unknown

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