Thursday, November 20, 2014

Change is in the Air

Time is flying by, as it seems to do but I am bound and determined to be prepared for December this year and be able to relax and enjoy all that the season has to offer. 
I say this every year.
 It rarely happens, but this is the year!
We are celebrating Thanksgiving differently that ever before and it begins this Saturday when we feast on  a bird with my parents here.
I have always been an adamant defender of Thanksgiving and would never listen to Christmas music early.
Never had a speck of d├ęcor out before the turkey was devoured and his bones turned into soup.
I don't know what changed a couple years ago, but something did. 
 The Christmas music is in my car and on my radio.
 There are bits and pieces of  red and green in my kitchen.
I went a bit crazy with the can of spray paint as well.
  If you stood still long enough, you would have been transformed, I tell you.
This guy was given to me years ago by a sweet, sweet lady as a thank you gift.
She had my kidnicks help her choose and that always touched me.
The fact that she asked their opinion and took it to heart.
He has been loved and used to the point of needing a bit of a face lift.
The white now covers the love chips and gave him new life.

 It is funny how just a bit of change in our surroundings can breathe new life into us as well.

Happy Thursday.

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Michelle said...

I always decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I can't get into the spirit until then!