Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birthday with a View

Last weekend, we went on an adventure.
This guy was getting married....not Chris or the Bishop, but Garrick. 
 He was marrying the sweetest and most perfect young lady AND we were invited to their destination wedding. 
In Palm Springs.
Pretty special stuff for us.
We checked into our hotel which was adjacent to the wedding venue on the golf course.
This was the view from our room.
We were definitely not in Kansas anymore.
Not there is anything wrong with Kansas. 
See the white tent like structure?
That was the reception location and the ceremony took place just outside of it at sunset. 

Since the wedding was on her birthday weekend, we used it an excuse to have Sugar Plum Fairy's birthday dinner.
It could not have been more perfect.
I made reservations at the restaurant on the top of Mt. San Jacinto. 
THIS is how you get there.
See the little, itty, bitty trees at the top?
That is where we were heading.
The tram cars say they hold up to 80 people, but we would have been sardines and I am glad that many people weren't with us.
The base station is located at 2,600 feet and the mountain station is 8,516.
We went just at dusk and I used a combo of my phone and camera...neither which did the scenery justice. 

The floor of the car rotates, giving everyone on board panoramic views of the valley floor as well as the amazing rock formations we were traversing. 
There are several towers along the way and the car rocks a bit at each one. 
Did I mention the floor rotates?
Have I ever told you that I get motion sickness AND have no balance?
Actually, I was more worried ahead of time than once in the tram.
  I took my heels off and stood by an open window. 
 It was really a very cool ride.
  The temperature at the top is about 30 degrees cooler than on the valley floor and is the place to head when the temps are above 100 down below.
There are  many trails for hiking up here as well, which one of our friends raved about. 
She could not speak more highly of it.
We had dinner overlooking this.
It really gives a great overview of the cities below...Palm Springs, Palm Dessert, Cathedral City and Indian Wells.

The dinner was very good and the memories we made were priceless.
Sugar Plum Fairy's birthday gift last year was horse riding lessons.
This year, dinner overlooking Palm Springs and a Zip Line.
I think we have raised the bar a bit high for next year.

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klutzymama said...

What a gorgeous wedding location! Beautiful. And a very Happy belated Birthday to Sugar Plum Fairy!!