Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Box

There are a few things that I have done as a Mom that I am super proud of.
This birthday box is one of them. 
 I shared when it started and what it is here, but essentially, each child has a custom decorated box.
 In the box are cards with questions and a current photo of that child. 
 Each year, the birthday kidnick answers the same questions.
(I don't let them look at previous year's answers until AFTER they have filled the current year)
It is great fun to see what has changed and what remains the same from year to year.
 Last year Cupcake Wars was her favorite show...this year it is the Amazing Race.
Last year she adored sundresses and this year is all about the cowgirl garb.
I hope they enjoy looking back at these with their own  children one day.

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