Saturday, November 1, 2014

American Farmer

FFA was a part of my husband's life when he was in high school and is still a part or Chris' life. 
He received his State Farmer Degree alongside a childhood friend.
A year and a half ago, he received a Proficiency Award alongside a teenage friend.
The highest degree FFA honors members with is the American FFA Degree.
This honor will be bestowed upon 3,764 young adults today.
While that number of recipients sounds large, it represents less than 1% of all membership in FFA. 
One of these young people is our son. 
 Another is the pretty blonde above.
 Hubby and Chris flew to Kentucky earlier this week and have been having a good time...Louisville Slugger Museum for two baseball players was a highlight...visiting Churchill Downs has the two horse lovers left at home a bit jealous. 
The award ceremony will be broadcast live this morning and I'll be there at least in spirit.
Congrats to all of these Future Farmers of America.
You make us very proud.

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