Friday, October 3, 2014

This I Will Miss

In a few weeks, basketball season will begin for our eldest daughter. 
 The fast pace is fun to watch and be a part of.
 I know watching Lollipop Pop and her cousin play their final season will be exciting and emotional, but I won't miss it when it is over. 
Just like I haven't missed the baseball scene since Chris (AKA Shaggy) graduated. 
This, however, I will miss.
Spending a couple hours in a golf cart with my Husband and Sugar Plum Fairy watching our favorite teen girl playing golf. 
The problems of the world...the stress of life seem to disappear for awhile.

What's not to love?
Even my sister in law got into the action recently.
One of her best friends from high school is the coach of an opposing high school. 
They had a ball catching up and watching these young ladies.

 There is peace and quiet. 



There is wild life, although we have not seen the wild turkeys yet this year.

I love the fact that, when possible, her brother joins us after work to watch and then hit a few balls with his biggest admirer looking on. 

There are great shots and some bad ones.
There is learning from mistakes and doing better the next time.
Witnessing milestones and accomplishments.
This I will miss.

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Melinda said...

I can see why you will miss this. These kids grow up way too fast.