Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Pioneer Girl and Birthdays

Sugar Plum Fairy had a field trip last week to a type of Pioneer Day.
  In the past, students have learned things like how to churn butter, spin wool, weave fabric and cut wood. 
The kidnicks were allowed to dress up as well. 
This was right up my daughter's alley. 
 Since Halloween is coming up, I agreed to make a costume that could be worn for the field trip if she would also use it for the school's Carnival as well as Halloween. 
She agreed.
I found an adult skirt at the thrift store that I was able to alter.
Long socks, riding boots and a blouse were already in her closet. 

I cut a pillowcase apart and taught her how to sew it into an apron.

I found the sun bonnet here and the owner of the shop was so wonderful to work with. 
We had the perfect bonnet in the mailbox within two days. 
I must say that she, as well as I, was thrilled with the result.

On a side note, these guys are celebrating a special day today.
 Happy Birthday!!!

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