Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maybe a Wake Up Call?

Many people believe that as long as they have water flowing from their taps or flushing their potties, life is good. 
 No worries. 
 It is something that is taken for granted and I admit I used to be one of those people.
Having lived in town all of my life until 12 years ago, I rarely thought twice about washing down the driveway or house with water. 
I didn't worry too much about the water flowing down the shower drain while I was waiting for the perfect temperature.
When we moved from town, I has a bit more aware since our water now came from our own wells.  More aware, but not overly careful. 
 Over the past several years, the lack of snow in the mountains and rainfall in the valley changed that.
It made most of us wary...and more careful.
We became true stewards of the land.
There is no feeling on earth like the one when, in the middle of the night, the toilet won't flush because there is no water.
Turning on the sink tap is further confirmation.
The helpless feeling that keeps you awake the rest of the night waiting for daylight to find a solution, knowing there is no real solution.
Farmers in our valley have been awake nights for months and months and months with worry, but it seems that the political powers that be, can't agree on name it.
I wonder if the fact that this water crisis is now rapidly affecting people living in towns might be a wake up call.
This map shows the dry wells in our county
See the cluster of red dots in the center of the map? 
 Where there are so many dots that they literally cover the name of the town?
That's my town.
We are hurting.

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Michelle said...

Prayers for you, your family, and your town.