Friday, October 31, 2014

Harvest 2014

After a year of tumultuous farming, our walnuts were harvested. 
This season began with no water and proceeded with very hot temps which have turned into very warm days. 
These trees need some cold nights to tell them that it is time to let go of the nuts and prepare for the winter. 
That last part had not quite happened. 
Still needed a couple more weeks, but the dehydrator was closing on Wednesday and from there they are sold to our processor. 
We were between a rock and a hard place.
 The harvesters arrived and began the dusty process. 
 Remember, we have had no measurable rain in months and months.
The leaves are coated in dust and while we irrigated a couple weeks ago in preparation for harvest, it was still dusty.
Lollipop Pop's golf tourney was this day as well. 
Hubby and I both decided that watching our girl play one last time was more important than staying home and fretting over the crop. 
There was nothing we could do or change. 
My sweet sister in law picked Sugar Plum Fairy up from school and drove by the orchard. 
 She sent a picture of the nuts being loaded.
The trees are alive and while not producing nearly what we had hoped, they are alive. 
We survived.
We are fortunate.

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