Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flies and Mutterings

Sunday dawned with blessedly cooler weather and flies. 
 It was almost as though they knew their end was near and they covered window screens and garage ceilings. 
Slow moving and creepy.
It will just take a couple cold nights and they will all die. 
Sadly, we are warming up again tomorrow. 
Not sure what this post is about other than I am tired of warm weather....
I want it to feel like fall for more than a couple hours every few days and that flies are driving me batty!
Oh...they are also harvesting our walnuts today...
...Lollipop Pop and her high school golf team will be playing in the Valley Championship Tournament.
Oh...and college applications are almost done.
Did I mention I detest flies?
My youngest says that she likes her teacher's fly swatters better than mine. 
She said her teacher's never is used.
Not sure if that is good or bad.
I am not certain if I am coming or going.
Today is my nephew's birthday...
The crying one is my son and the content quiet one is my nephew.
HOW are they both no longer teenagers?
Their Granddad would be very proud to see the young men they have become.
This marks the last of the October birthdays in our family.  
The first November one is next week.

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Michelle said...

Our last warm day was yesterday. A real freeze, not just a little frost, is due Friday Night. We usually have trouble with flies in the spring. They are gross!