Thursday, October 30, 2014


Lollipop Pop's high school golf career is officially over and what a great career it was.
She had never played golf before her sophomore year and certainly held her own this year. 
Her team went undefeated for two years straight and won their League both years as well.
At the League tournament, 5 of the top 6 players were from our town...three were from this team...

 After the League tourney, the girls advanced to Area last week in which they faced the winners from the other Leagues in the vicinity.
From there, the team advanced to the Valley Tourney earlier this week.
It is here that one witnesses the complete domination of the sport by schools that are bigger, richer and much more competitive. 
Their Coach is a tremendous man who gives his entire being to supporting and encouraging these young ladies, day in and day out.
While they did not advance to the state tourney (I am so thankful), they deserve to be proud.
Their parents sure are.

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